Paypal Money Adder 2013

Are you looking to live the rich life? Well you have found the right place, I am proud to introduce the Paypal Money Adder 2013! This Money Adder generates millions of dollars everyday to send to people who use the Paypal Money Adder 2013. Get the money adder now and you will have everything you ever wanted.

Still not convinced? Well would you rather be working 12 hours a day and only making  $300 a day or would you rather be generating $1000 everyday just by downloading a single money adder for paypal?
You can have that new laptop you wanted, or the newest smartphone, or how about your own car, in no time you will be dating a hot model with a penthouse suite and all your friends will be jealous.
The way this Paypal Money Adder 2013 works is that it takes 10 cents  from every transaction on paypal, since 10 cents is very little, paypal ignores it. Combine this with millions of transactions every day, this paypal money generator has close to a million dollars to give away every day. So dont wait for someone else to take it all, download the Paypal Money Adder 2013 below and you can start making $1000 a day!
1. Download the file below.
2. Follow the Installation Instructions in the text file.
3. Run the Paypal Money Adder 2013
Virus Scan Results:
Download Link 1:
Download Link 2:
Enjoy the Paypal Money Adder 2013, Your rich now!

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